No Win, No Fee

No Win, No Fee

Here at Aegis Legal, we understand that you want to be sure that you will not receive a large legal bill at the end of your case.

“No win, No fee”
Aegis Legal will usually deal with your case on a Conditional Fee (“no win, no fee”) basis. In successful cases, Aegis Legal will recover legal costs from your opponent, although you will pay a “success fee” which we cap at 25% of your compensation.    

If the case is unsuccessful, then Aegis Legal will waive any legal charges subject to your compliance with our Terms and Conditions. 

We will take out a separate legal expenses insurance policy to cover you against any legal costs and expenses your opponent has incurred so that you are fully protected from having to pay legal costs if you lose.

Legal Expenses Insurance
You may already have legal expenses insurance linked to your motor or household insurance, or any other type of personal insurance you have purchased.   

This type of policy will usually cover you for our legal costs and expenses including any court fees, together with your opponent’s legal costs and expenses. We will check to see if you have this cover at the outset of your claim.

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