Accident Types

If you have had an accident, no matter what type, then you need expert legal advice from accredited personal injury lawyers.

Our specialist legal team handle claims for those injured in accidents every day of the week.

Accidents at Work

You may have been involved in an accident whilst at work. This may include accidents due to faulty machinery or equipment, lack of training or supervision, lack of protective safety equipment or unsafe premises. Employers must provide a safe working environment and failure to do so leaves the employer liable to compensate any employee who suffers an injury in the workplace.

Aegis Legal have specialist, accredited personal injury lawyers experienced in dealing with accidents of this type.

Slip/Trip Claims (public liability)

You may have suffered an injury on a public footpath or road due to its poor condition. You may have been slipped or tripped in a shop, restaurant or other public place. Aegis Legal will help recover compensation for you.

Industrial Diseases and Illnesses

These are usually caused by the conditions in your working environment such as dust or fumes and through working with hazardous substances.

Aegis Legal have lawyers who specialize in asbestos related diseases, industrial deafness, breathing and respiratory problems.

We can claim compensation from your employers at the time who exposed workers to conditions that caused or contributed to their ill-health.

Road Traffic Accidents

You may have suffered an injury in a road accident, whether as a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian or cyclist.

Aegis Legal will assist you in recovering compensation for your injuries, together with the repayment of any financial losses you have incurred, including vehicle repairs, lost earnings, etc. In addition, we can help arrange replacement hire vehicle and medical treatment .

Accidents Abroad

You may have suffered an injury on holiday or whilst in another country. You may have been injured on a cruise or on an aeroplane.  You may have been slipped or tripped in a hotel, restaurant or other public place. Aegis Legal will help recover compensation for you as we have Solicitors that specialise in accidents abroad.

Accidents involving Animals

If you have been injured as a result of an accident involving an animal – whether injured from a fall from a horse, bitten by a dog, then our specialist Solicitors can help you with a claim for compensation.

Sports Related Injuries

Aegis Legal have Solicitors that specialise in sports related injuries – whether you are a professional or amateur sportsperson, or your child has had an accident at school during PE.

Clinical Negligence

If you have suffered because of the negligence of a medical professional, then Aegis Legal have specialist Solicitors that can help – not only recover compensation, but arrange as far as possible to have any medical procedure put right.

Other Injury Claims

Aegis Legal have specialist lawyers who deal with other injury claims, including:-

•    physical assaults and other criminal injuries,
•    sexual or physical abuse,
•    actions against the Police,
•    defective products,
•    fatal accidents,

Please contact us to discuss these types of claim.

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