Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Here a sample of questions we are frequently asked

Have I got a claim?
The simple answer is - if the accident was caused totally, or in part, by the fault of another person or organisation, then you have a claim. That other person may be the driver of a car, your employer, the owner of a local business, your local supermarket, local Council, etc.  Sometimes the claim is against more than one party.  As specialist personal injury lawyers we will advise you at the outset whether you have a potential claim.

How much will it cost me to claim?
We offer a "No win No Fee" agreement for all cases that we take on. This means that if your claim is not successful you do not have a pay anything. 

If your claim is successful, you pay a success fee out of the compensation recovered which we cap at 25% of your compensation. Sometimes there can be unrecovered charges, but we guarantee that you will keep at least 65% of the compensation that we recover for you. 

How much compensation will I receive?
The amount of compensation you will receive will depend on how severe your injuries are, how and for how long they affect you. We will obtain a medical report detailing your injuries and when we receive this we should be able to give you an indication of the amount of compensation you can expect to receive. We will also recover your out of pocket expenses e.g. medical expenses, loss of earnings, travelling expenses, physiotherapy and other related expenses.

How long will my claim take?
This depends on two factors:-
•  Whether the person or organisation responsible accepts that your accident was their fault;
•  Whether you make a quick recovery from your injuries.

Everyone wants their accident claim dealt with quickly, but sometimes it is not in your best interests to do so. This is particularly so in relation to serious accidents when it is crucial to wait until the medical position is certain before settling compensation. We will give you independent, professional advice on whether it is the right time to settle.

Why should I let Aegis Legal handle my claim?
We deal with no other type of legal work and are therefore specialists in this area of law. We have a reputation for being friendly, efficient and professional, but don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at our client testimonials too see what our clients think of us. We are accredited lawyers and therefore you have the reassurance that dedicated lawyers are dealing with your claim. We are committed to providing independent advice, the highest quality service and achieving the best possible settlement for you. We have Solicitors who specialise in certain types of cases – industrial injuries and accident at work, sports injuries, accidents abroad andclinical negligence.

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