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Avoiding sickness on holiday

Friday 18th December, 2015

Aegis Legal's holiday illness team have recovered many £,000s in compensation for people who become sick whilst on holiday.  Many illnesses are contracted through contaminated food and water, however, from their wealth of experience of dealing with claims on behalf of clients who have suffered sickness whilst on holiday, the Aegis legal travel team have prepared their top tips for staying safe when travelling abroad:-


1)      Avoid Tap Water

2)      Don’t forget that ice cubes are typically made from tap water

3)      Drink safe beverages

4)      Eat Safe foods

5)      Avoid raw and uncooked meat, poultry, seafood and eggs, unpasteurised dairy products, food prepared by street vendors, prepared food that has been left unrefrigerated

6)      Remain hydrated

7)      Eat boiled food

8)      Take an ample supply of medication with you

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